A few of you asked about the photo I posted on instagram of my flapjacks. I think in other cultures they can mean different things! This is the English version. I left this recipe plain but you can add 50g of dried fruit, nuts or chocolate chips – whatever takes your fancy. It’s very quick and easy to make and makes a lovely accompaniment to a cup of tea!

200g butter

100g brown sugar

2 tbsp honey

400g oats

Melt the butter in a saucepan and stir in the sugar and honey till everything is blended and syrupy. Remove from heat and add the oats (and dried fruit/nuts etc if you wish) and mix well. Transfer to a greased, shallow baking tin and press down. Bake at 180C/350F for 10-15 min. It should be soft in the middle and golden at the edges. Cut into slices while still in the tin and leave to cool before turning out.



Episode 11 – November

As we journey further into our second season living in our new house, our relationship to our home deepens revealing new secrets in the garden and surroundings and sending us Sheila, a loving black and white cat!


Last months KAL was fun and gave me lots of new ideas for making the most out of some of the beautiful single skeins I have. I am very pleased with my shrug. I would like to congratulate Carol (nannapei) again. I got so carried away talking about my shrug I forgot to show you what you won! I will be sending you a handmade project bag and will post a picture before I send it out. My first Christmas gift, Luca’s cabled cardigan is my favourite knit at the moment. I am still working on “Bonny” and my first foot cosy has a heel. I would like to get going on Christmas crafting and would love if we shared our ideas so I have started a thread for that here.


I was thrilled to receive a baby blanket that my Grandmother knitted for me! I’m back to my reading, having enjoyed “Circles of Meaning, Labyrinths of Fear” by Brendan Myers and have found a book that was sent to me years ago by an old friend which I am about to start “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert M. Pirsig I have also been enjoying Downton Abbey and various history documentaries including “Die Deutschen”.

November Update

Hope you all had a fantastic time celebrating the start to the dark part of the year! I look forward to telling you all about ours, my knitting and crafting projects and the other adventures we had last month. This month’s podcast is going to be later as we are having issues with the sound which are proving difficult to solve. Sorry to keep you all waiting! I wanted to take the chance though, to ask you what you enjoy or dislike and if there are things you would like to hear about or see on my episodes. I’m looking for a few fresh ideas so any feedback is very welcome!

Pumpkin and Goat’s Cheese Lasagne

I’m really enjoying seasonal cuisine, especially now that we’re living in the country where you really notice. It’s been pumpkin season for a while and I still can’t get enough of them. I’ve made pie, soup and muffins but I also wanted to try doing something a little unusual. As I adore goat’s cheese I wondered if the two would make a nice team, and I found that they did!

1 Small pumpkin, peeled and cut into small chunks

1 Pint cooked tomatoes (bought or home made)

Olive oil

1 Onion

1 Clove garlic

1/2 tsp Smoked paprika

2tsp Summer savoury, oregano or sage (depending on your preference)

1 Packet of frozen spinach, or 1 large bag of fresh.

Lasagne sheets

2tbsp Flour

1 200g Packet fresh goats cheese (without rind)


Salt and pepper

Sauté the chunks of pumpkin  in olive oil until soft. Set aside.

In a large, heavy pan, fry the onion and garlic, add the tomatoes, smoked paprika and herbs. Season, and let simmer for 15min.

Meanwhile, in a medium sized pot, heat about 1 tbsp olive oil and add the flour to form a paste. Add a splash of water immediately and whisk constantly, adding more and more water until you have a thick sauce. Add the roll of goats cheese and stir until melted. Seson with salt and pepper.

In a large lasagne dish, start with the tomato sauce, add a layer of lasagne sheets, a layer of spinach, another of lasagne sheets, pumpkin and finally top with the goat cheese mixture. Bake at 180ºC / 350ºF  for 20-30 min, until golden on top.


Serendipidye GIVEAWAY!

This lovely hand dyed yarn from Serendipidye goes to Beth (awema)!


Beth would like to make her husband a hat to cheer him up as he has been unwell. I hope you enjoy knitting with this yarn, Beth and I wish your husband a full and speedy recovery!

Episode 10 – October


Mum’s long visit this month is coming to an end. It’s been lovely having her here for Luca’s birthday, to knit with her and it was fun to have her appear on this episode!

Although it was a challenge at first. The birthday jumper from Granny turned out rather well! Luca wore it on his birthday and was very pleased to also have a pirate ship cake made by his mama…


Mum (Craftyseabird) has gone home with her second project on the needles and when that’s done, I’ve advised her to follow a good knitting lesson plan like Tin Can Knits Simple Collection but we’d love to know what else is out there to inspire new knitters.


I finished the arm of the sweater I have had for a few months on the needles. Luca was very pleased to have it as one of his birthday gifts! Bonny is gradually growing and I have started designing a slipper-sock in my gorgeous new burnt orange yarn from Serendipidye.


I’ll be giving away another worsted weight merino from Serendipidye in lovely shades of aqua. For a chance to win, please tell me what you would like to knit with it here.


Congratulations to the winners!

We’ll be having our last craftalong of the year this month, so let’s enjoy it!


No more searching for things in boxes! The house is really taking shape and we have started working on the garden.

I took Mum’s visit as a good excuse to visit a few flea markets in Berlin, but mostly we’ve been exploring and enjoying the new house and surrounding area. I can slowly see myself becoming a country girl and I have to admit I’m rather happy!


Prizes for the Project Bag CAL!

I hope your new project bags are coming in handy! Mum and I are already getting a lot of use out of ours. I really loved seeing the range of beautiful fabrics you all chose.

Congratulations Karen (Simoom), who made two floral draw string bags with a dotty accent fabric. You have won first prize…


And well done Kimberly (yarning4asmile) who made a cute owley zip up bag! You have won second prize…


I’ll be sending those out as soon as we exchange details and I get out to the post office!

Thanks everyone who took part. I hope you had fun!

Episode 9 – September


We’re still working hard on our renovation and the house is becoming more of a home every day. This month will be a busy one, with Luca’s birthday and a visit from my parents.


I’m still on the stockinette part of my Bonny top. Luca’s jumper still needs a sleeve which I plan on knitting and wrapping up for his birthday.


I’m on track with my cardigan and will be finished on time if I get a few more hours in.  I’m really pleased with how its gone and can’t wait to wear it!

This month’s craftalong is to sew a project bag of any design you like. I have chosen one of my fabrics already and created a thread on both Ravelry and My Sewing Circle, but the final pictures must be posted here (on mysewingcircle) by October 1st. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

October’s challenge will be to knit anything you like using only one skein of yarn. I’m sure many of you are in the same situation as me with a few beloved single skeins of yarn stashed away, destined never to be cast on.


Julie from Watercolours and Lace  has kindly donated some yarn and would like to give away a skein to you. If you would like to win it please tell us what you would imagine knitting with it here.


I’ve been painting cabinets and replacing the handles to freshen them up:

photo 3

The glass lamps around my crafting area could do with a makeover:



I’m in the middle of giving an old chair a facelift:



photo 1







I have decorated Luca’s bookself and hung a few handmade things in his room which is now finished.


I’m very happy to be listening to Cast On podcast again! I surprised myself by getting into Gardener’s World and we are watching a German drama series called Weissensee.