October Love

My Dear, Dear Fellow Knitters and Crafters,

I miss you all! I have been very reclusive in the last few months. I’m longing to connect, yet in need of reflection and soul searching. I’m sure some of you have been on such journeys. At times it seems so personal but then you realise we are all connected.

Since getting Luca settled in kindergarten, I am listening carefully for my calling. There have been a lot of spontaneous changes going on within and without me and at times it has been a little overwhelming. I feel a shift, a light on the horizon and I will follow it with all my heart.

I am as always, finding solace in knitting and have a few things I really want to show you. I look forward to catching up really soon.

I hope you are all happy, healthy and shining!

Clare <3


  1. Kristyn says:

    I am glad to “hear” from you. I am going through some what do I want to do with my life reflections lately as well. Good luck to you and your journey.

  2. Leslie Wind says:

    You are so wise to listen to the quiet voice that needs peace for a healthy transition. I too am dialing back the commitments. It is our chrysalis time:-)

  3. lisa says:

    Missing your videos .. hoping you are enjoying your time & getting the things done that make you happy..

    Blessings to you & yours..


    • Clare says:

      Thank you Lisa! I felt inspired to make the next episode and we’ll see what the new year brings! Blessings to you too xx

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