Episode 14 – What am I doing Here?

A bit of a memoir today, with a few projects to show!


I’m getting to the lace part of “bonny”. I finished Hendrik’s pouch for his office resting place, and I’m mending holes in our family socks.

I love to get comments, especially on my website so please let me know what you think! I have also created a chat thread where we can hang out between episodes and a place we can share our other crafty projects!


  1. Cindy Miller says:

    Hi, just stumbled upon your podcast. Very relaxing and informative. I’m in California and am on the very edge of “empty nest”. My oldest son is getting married in Sept and my youngest is joining the Air Force in two weeks. My husband and I will have lots of time to ourselves. I love crafting of all sorts. Never learned to knit. My grandma taught me to crochet and I love quilting too. I paint and make jewelry and never really found that one thing that I love most. You have inspired me to learn to knit..!! I will be following you with all my free time. : )

    • Clare says:

      Hello Cindy! It’s the perfect time to venture into new hobbies. I hope knitting brings you as much pleasure as it does to me, and that you don’t miss the children too much!

  2. Jutta says:

    i discovered your podcast today, and started with episode 14. What a great start. I sat on my sofa, knitted and listened to your story. You know that you are able to create a private atmosphere, like sitting at the same table and chatting with a friend? Congratulations! We lived in Minnesota for a few years, and I totally agree with your thoughts about meeting people open minded. On the other hand side, I am sure that people looked at me as an awkward person because of my behaviour or habits. However, it was a wonderful experience, enriching, and I think it even has an effect on our daugther, who was born after our return to Germany.

    • Clare says:

      Hi Jutta, Thanks for the lovely comment! I’m glad you enjoy the informal style. I like to feel as if I am chatting in a knitting circle 🙂

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