Episode 12 – December

Our family are really looking forward to spending the first Christmas in our house and are enjoying reminiscing about Christmas’ past and excited about setting our own family traditions.


I’ve made a good cuff on what will become some leg warmers for Mum. I’ve chosen “Mirry Dancers” from Gudrun Johnston’s “The Shetland Trader – Book 1”. Luca’s cardigan is on it’s way to being finished and I have made him another pair of slippers, again using Lise-Anne Michel’s Toddler Loafer which is a real favourite. I’ve been enjoying making Christmas ornaments and crocheting a garland of stars. I have also crocheted some granny squares to make a chair cover for my mother in law.


I’ve dried out some fruits and cut up some old books to include in a garland, which I will probably combine with some cuttings from the evergreens and winter berries in the garden. Luca and I have also had a lot of fun wrapping gifts and Christmas crafting together.


Gudrun Johnston is kindly giving away book 1 and book 2 of “The Shetland Trader”. For a chance to win please write a Christmas memory here. I will announce the two lucky winners on Christmas Eve!

I’ve been enjoying watching Outlander, a series based on what I’ve heard are really great books!


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