Greetings from the woods everybody! I hope you are all healthy and happy!

Just spent a few days clearing out my crafting area. All yarn and interesting bits and pieces had to be put away, which is a shame because I like to have things on display. I love looking at baskets of yarn, shelves of fabric and reels of ribbon and lace. At least we still have the garden. Hendrik and I have recently stacked all our wood for winter and I get a similar feeling looking at that stockpile.

the reason I had to put everything away is because we have kittens arriving next week!! It will be a surprise for Luca. I’m looking forward to the love, fun and chaos they will bring to our house! Get ready for kittie pictures!

The Kinship

You will be softly taken,

stolen from your nest.

Within that shielded hideaway,

no longer can you rest.


They will not have to break in.

There will be no chase.

The kin that you’ve been hiding from,

it’s time for you to face.


The thrill, the fear transforming.

No doubt, you exist!

The unreal is now under threat

and desparate to resist.


The kinship to whom you belong,

longlingly awaits,

to free you from inhibition

and teach you to relate.


Let your beating heart remind you

of that ancient place

and send illusion to the fire,

returning you to grace.


by Clare Sophie

Episode 16 – Creativity

Learning a lot about creativity from my son, who is my biggest teacher right now!


My cardigan is coming along, I just need to get a little more yarn to get it finished. I finished my “Bonny” sweater, which I am wearing. The yarn feels wonderful against my skin. Luca has requested a red jumper, which is nearly finished and will be wrapped up for Chrismas.

Other Crafts

I’ve been sewing easy play trousers for Luca. We have both enjoyed making Christmas decorations and I have been cooking a lot with Winter vegetables. I have a recipe for beetroot spread to share.

Wishing you all a wonderful winter fest! xxx


Beetroot Spread

2 beetroots

1 small packet (150g) feta cheese

50g sunflower seeds

1 small onion

juice 1/2 lemon

1 tbsp olive oil

1 heaped tsp honey

salt and pepper

Boil the beetroot untill soft, peel and chop into large chunks. Chop the onion. Let the onion and beetroot sweat in a pan with the olive oil, add the lemon juice and sunflower seeds and let everything get a little toasted. Leave to cool and then blend everything, including the feta and honey and add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with bread. Also makes a nice jacket potato topping!

October Love

My Dear, Dear Fellow Knitters and Crafters,

I miss you all! I have been very reclusive in the last few months. I’m longing to connect, yet in need of reflection and soul searching. I’m sure some of you have been on such journeys. At times it seems so personal but then you realise we are all connected.

Since getting Luca settled in kindergarten, I am listening carefully for my calling. There have been a lot of spontaneous changes going on within and without me and at times it has been a little overwhelming. I feel a shift, a light on the horizon and I will follow it with all my heart.

I am as always, finding solace in knitting and have a few things I really want to show you. I look forward to catching up really soon.

I hope you are all happy, healthy and shining!

Clare <3

Episode 15 – Pacing Myself.

We’re all enjoying the garden at the moment after a couple of trips away.

During my visit home, I managed to uncover some old family crafing materials from some of the ladies I have wrote about in “The Work of Our Ancestors”

I’m keeping my tasks simple for a while in order to get things finished, but I will be attempting a dress for my cousin’s wedding next month. I will be working on my “Pretty Me” cardigan until I pick up my next knitting project!

I have some gorgeous alpaca to admire (until I have enough done to start a new project) from from Satomi of  Japanese Handmade. Check out her bags on Etsy. They are so pretty! She will soon be putting up a yarn shop and I will keep you updated about that!

My latest enjoyable read was A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowan

I’ve been watching Gavin and Stacy, Game of Thrones and to accompany my cardi knitting, I’ll be watching season 4 of Call the Midwife.

Hoping to talk to you all again soon 🙂

Episode 14 – What am I doing Here?

A bit of a memoir today, with a few projects to show!


I’m getting to the lace part of “bonny”. I finished Hendrik’s pouch for his office resting place, and I’m mending holes in our family socks.

I love to get comments, especially on my website so please let me know what you think! I have also created a chat thread where we can hang out between episodes and a place we can share our other crafty projects!

Episode 13 – Recuperating

Despite a wonderful Christmas and New Year, it’s been a challanging start to the year but we are on our way to full recovery.


I’m knitting a second pair of Mirry Dancers for myself. I am very pleased with Luca’s Christmas present

After getting holes in our favourite family socks, I have made another pair for Hendrik while he waits for me to repair the old ones! My bonny top is getting more exciting and I am making a felted container for Hendrik’s birthday.

I’ve done a little crafting. I am happy that the quilting group is still going and I’m looking forward to making the next square for this month’s meetup. I have also finished my crafting chair! Here is a picture of it before, if you are interested!


I watched a good film A Summer Story with Mum. We also enjoyed Call The Midwife and Downton Abbey Christmas specials. Please leave me a comment below if you feel inspired!



Shetland Trader GIVEAWAY

Thank you to everyone for sharing their memories. I was quite moved by some of them and others reminded me of similar memories I have.

My parents arrived two days ago and we are about to settle down for our family celebration. I gave Mum the task of selecting random numbers to find out who would win… Congratulations to Cheryl (cappuccino136) who has won The Shetland Trader Book 1 and to Sherri (sherrihardy) who has won The Shetland Trader Book 2!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Episode 12 – December

Our family are really looking forward to spending the first Christmas in our house and are enjoying reminiscing about Christmas’ past and excited about setting our own family traditions.


I’ve made a good cuff on what will become some leg warmers for Mum. I’ve chosen “Mirry Dancers” from Gudrun Johnston’s “The Shetland Trader – Book 1”. Luca’s cardigan is on it’s way to being finished and I have made him another pair of slippers, again using Lise-Anne Michel’s Toddler Loafer which is a real favourite. I’ve been enjoying making Christmas ornaments and crocheting a garland of stars. I have also crocheted some granny squares to make a chair cover for my mother in law.


I’ve dried out some fruits and cut up some old books to include in a garland, which I will probably combine with some cuttings from the evergreens and winter berries in the garden. Luca and I have also had a lot of fun wrapping gifts and Christmas crafting together.


Gudrun Johnston is kindly giving away book 1 and book 2 of “The Shetland Trader”. For a chance to win please write a Christmas memory here. I will announce the two lucky winners on Christmas Eve!

I’ve been enjoying watching Outlander, a series based on what I’ve heard are really great books!